Easily host your eLearning content with Koantic LMS Cloud

Fast and flexible publishing solutions

When you host your eLearning content on the Koantic LMS cloud, you can publish and embed your courses anywhere – at high speed and top-notch security.

Within minutes, you can share your newly published content using a simple embed or simply by sharing a link.

Your eLearning content can live anywhere – on your website, via an email, inside your intranet, or directly in the Koantic LMS portal.

Easily manage trainings with teams of any size

Koantic LMS makes it easy for you to create single users or bulk import them with CSV files.

Ensure everyone are enrolled to the courses they need to take. Assign a supervisor to a group to give them access to real-time analytics on group members to monitor leaners' progress.

Learning Paths let you create curriculum for learners by grouping several courses and external resources together in a mobile friendly experience. Schedule your courses and learning paths to be shared with learners at specific times.

Keep track of the metrics that matter

How do you know your eLearning content is performing as it should? Koantic LMS Cloud provides you with a user-friendly analytics dashboard. In a single glance, you can understand how your users engage with your interactive content.

All key events are automatically tracked so you don’t have to think about it – course completion, quiz results & responses, dates of completion, and more.

Easily get insignts about your learners to quickly identify what content needs improvements to maximise your learners' success.

Why choose Koantic LMS Cloud?

Simplify your workflow

Our experienced team takes care of maintaining and optimizing the speed of your cloud server. No more downtime while you manually update your servers.

Save time using a single tool

No more time lost by jumping back and forth between incomplete, complex tools. Koantic contains everything you need to create, host, share, and analyze your eLearning content.

Cut down operation costs

With Koantic LMS cloud hosting, you’ll not only save on extra LMS fees, but also access valuable user data. Publishing your courses has never been this fast and simple.

There's an easy way to create, publish and track
your online training resources.

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