Create, publish & track interactive content with Koantic Everywhere

1. Publish your content anywhere on the cloud

Once your content is created, hit publish and embed your interactive content anywhere. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video. With your content loaded from our cloud, we can assure you the highest speed and security. Not ready to publish? Easily generate a link to share with your audience or reviewers.

  • Affordable cloud hosting plans
  • Publish content anywhere with embed code
  • Links for easy reviewing & sharing

2. Track & measure results through xAPI

Koantic’s xAPI analytics dashboard is an easy way to track and analyze how your users engage with your interactive content. Koantic automatically tracks pertinent events such as completion, quiz results & responses, dates and more. This valuable data helps you better understand your learners and optimize your content for higher success.

  • Built in xAPI analytics dashboard
  • Standard & custom reporting
  • Analyze: completion, results, dates & more

Why choose Koantic Everywhere?

No maintenance

We take care of maintaining and optimizing the speed of your server. Since it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Cost effective

Hosting, analytics and an LMS can be costly. Our hosting plans start at $190/month and include analytics as well as our content creation tool.

More efficient

With everything you need packed into one robust tool, there’s no getting lost between several separate applications.

No LMS Needed

Asides cost savings, you’ll get instant access to valuable user data and the ability to publish content on the fly.

Authoring + Hosting Plans Starting at $190/month

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