Effective Training for the Manufacturing Industry

An eLearning authoring tool that helps you relieve pain points in the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry is evolving.

Your onboarding program probably should too.

“Over the next decade over 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed and 2 million are expected to be unfilled.” (Deloitte)

“The lack of a predictable knowledge transfer process results in higher talent management costs for organizations.” (CareerPartners)

What can you do to overcome workforce challenges in manufacturing?

Embed a knowledge transfer system

With an aging workforce, preserving and transferring knowledge is critical to optimizing existing employees and onboarding new hires. Make the retention and transfer of internal knowledge a priority. We recommend a virtual mentor program that can be scaled more cost-effectively.

Focus on internal talent development

Recognize the value that can be captured from existing employees. Instead of letting your employees get bored during downtime, focus on enhancing their skills. In a sector that is evolving quickly, there is always something new to learn or something existing to improve.

Create effective training from the get go

Your training program should reflect the characteristics of your workforce. By breaking your training program down into visual and mobile-ready chunks of information, you are catering to a generation that is on-the-go, craves instant gratification and has a shorter attention span.

Create video-based training material

As a more effective learning medium, video-based learning can help reduce human errors and defects. By learning visually through demonstrations at the right timing, no resources are wasted on relearning old processes, revisiting checklists, and errors caused by low information retention.

Create a continuous learning environment

It may be tempting to teach your employee everything in the first week of onboarding, but with that method, most information won’t be retained. Instead, train your employees in chunks with adequate absorption time in between. The positive results will outweigh the costs.

Assess progress for instant gratification

Insert gradable quizzes or assessments into your training material to give your employees the instant gratification they crave. Asides sparking employee engagement, this lets managers keep track of their employees’ progress.

How can Koantic help?

  • Mobile app lets you capture & transfer knowledge cost-effectively
  • Create responsive & mobile-friendly video training material
  • Drag & drop builder facilitates the creation of micro-training
  • Your Koantic content library becomes your internal knowledge manager
  • Create interactive quizzes & gradable assessments

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