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Koantic Overview

This tutorial video provides a brief overview of Koantic’s main features. You’ll find an overview of the Koantic top navigation bar, creating multi-page courses and video-only courses.

Adding Pages

This tutorial will show you how to add pages to a course. It will then show you how to organize a course with sections and a table of contents as well as how to copy and reuse pages.

Creating a Video

This tutorial will guide you through the simplified process of creating an eLearning video with Koantic. Learn how to upload a video, link to a YouTube video, Trim/Clip a video and more.

Adding Interactions

This tutorial provides an overview of adding interactions to your course. It will walk you through the three main tabs in Koantic: Text, Appearance and Actions.

Tutorials from the blog

21 Nov: Best Practices and Phases for a Successful Development

How to Successfully Deploy your Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Solution. Are you faced with challenges when it comes to training your employees? Are you struggling to keep them motivated with engaging learning content they’ll adhere to? Koantic’s eLearning authoring tool, an application for all of your interactive learning needs, helps you tackle these tasks according to…

31 May: Changes in Chrome 66 video autoplay

Changes in Google Chrome 66 video autoplay feature Our world is changing fast and Google has decided to modify the behavior of videos in its browser. Due to this change and hearing about the other browsers (Safari, Firefox etc…) wanting to follow in Google footsteps, we decided to unify how videos will auto-play across all…

07 May: Convert existing PowerPoint to Koantic

Convert existing PowerPoint to Koantic In today’s world’s, it would be much simpler to work in a cloud-based tool where we can storyboard, create content, add interactive videos and have reviewers provide feedback. Koantic offers lots of tools to bring over your PowerPoint presentations, make them more interactive and engaging using our cloud-based authoring tool….

26 Mar: Integrate your Brightcove videos in Koantic

Integrate your Brightcove streaming videos in Koantic Most authoring tools only allow basic video integration in their application. Koantic aims to change this by being the easiest solution for capturing videos using our mobile app, importing your videos in any format, and converting them into an MP4 format. In this new release, we are adding…

20 Mar: Create PowerPoint like themes in Koantic

Create PowerPoint like themes in Koantic In our 4.0 release, we made it very easy for customers to integrate their organizations branded colors. The way we implemented it is very similar to PowerPoint and Articulate. Before you start Make sure you identify with your design or marketing department what are the organization’s approved colors. Then…

05 Dec: How to add subtitles or closed captions to an eLearning video

How to add subtitles or closed captions to an eLearning video Nowadays, adding subtitles to an eLearning video is a must. With increasingly diverse workplaces, there is always someone who will benefit from subtitles or close-captions (CCs). Whether it’s a hearing deficiency or a language barrier, subtitles can make a huge difference when it comes…

30 Jun: You can now create engaging branching scenarios with Koantic!

What are branching scenarios? Branching scenarios are a popular eLearning format that involve providing learners with several options that result in different course paths. Contrary to the typical “click here, click there” linear course, the learner must truly engage with the course content by making active decisions and actually experiencing the outcomes. Branching scenarios enables…

31 May: How to reuse items & speed up content creation with Koantic

Maintaining consistency throughout a course can be redundant without setting some default styles in advance. From reusing pages to setting your default fonts, there are many ways you can speed up content creation in Koantic while also maintaining consistency. This post will show you how to use Koantic’s features to their fullest capacity in order…

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