Interactive Video Maker

Create interactive video experiences with the ease of drag and drop. Simply upload a video or insert a YouTube URL, add your interactions and hit publish.

create interactive elearning videos

Video Editor

Koantic’s video editor lets you trim and clip your videos while automatically converting them to MP4 behind the scenes. Stay tuned for our Advanced Audio/Video Editor!

interactive video editor

Video Content Capturing

Use our built-in webcam recorder to record yourself or our screen recording Chrome extension to record screencasts. Use our mobile app to record video from your phone and transfer it directly to your Koantic library.


Animated slides

Create interactive slide-based courses with the ease of drag and drop. Synchronize your interactions with audio tracks and add animations to create motion.


Branching Tool New

Koantic now offers a built-in visual branching tool. Branching scenarios can be designed with the simplicity of drag and drop and easily incorporated into course content.



Koantic offers a growing library of easy-to-add interactions. Choose from hotspots, tooltips, text boxes (or circles), customizable buttons, several interactive questions, chapters and bookmarks.


Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate with team-members seamlessly in real-time. See changes as they occur while communicating effectively within the Koantic app.

eLearning with real-time collaboration

Team Management

Koantic lets you assign roles to team-members with different permission levels, limiting their access to certain courses.

eLearning with real-time collaboration

Task Management

Stay organized by keeping track of tasks in progress, completed and to-do. Delegate seamlessly by leaving comments, assigning tasks, tagging team-members and even pages.

eLearning task management tool

HTML5 Quizzes

Choose from 9 different question types (4 gradable) and design the quiz logic your business requires. Whether you’re creating a slide, video or page-based course, assessments are simple to incorporate.

create gradable html5 elearning quizzes

Customizable Themes

Design a course player that fits with your brand. Adjust its colors and design and choose the position of its table of contents and navigation buttons.


Responsive & Mobile Ready

Courses created using Koantic are fully responsive and mobile-friendly, right out-of-the-box. To ensure the optimal layout, preview your course on common screen sizes as you go.

responsive and mobile-friendly elearning design

Template Library

Koantic’s growing Template Library helps you get started even quicker. Templates can easily be customized and reused throughout your courses.


Built-in Asset Library

Koantic provides built-in access to hundreds of free professional photos and a library of stylish icons, cutting down your content creation costs along the way.


Customizable Player

Design a course player that fits with your brand. Adjust its colors, design and choose the position of its navigation elements.


Reuse Pages & Content

Quizzes, pages (video or non video), animated slides, fonts and text box styles can be reused with just a few clicks — saving you a lot of time during content creation.


Content Library

Koantic’s Content Library ensures that all of your media (videos, images, audio, etc.) is organized and easily accessible. You’ll also find a list of all your questions, pages and PDFs.



With Koantic, your course builder is your final product, which means what you see is always what you get. When in doubt, simply preview your course in a new tab.

wysiwyg elearning creation

Blank Pages

Blank pages can be populated with text, videos, images, audio and gradable quizzes. A page can have several custom width columns and can be as long as desired.


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