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Koantic is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that helps you develop valuable content in very little time. Whether it's a course, module or presentation, our tools and resources are simple enough to learn and use within minutes.

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Building courses doesn't need to be complicated

Design your perfect project
in less time.

  • Pick your favorite template
  • Incorporate slides, videos and quizzes
  • Build a project that's beautiful and useful

Make it fun... and effective

  • Make it interactive with response buttons and pop-ups
  • Promote engagement with enticing branching scenarios
  • Challenge them with fun tests and quizzes

Engage and collaborate with your team

  • Designate key roles on your team
  • Assign tasks and missions to members
  • Get valuable feedback to improve your work

Publish where you want

  • Enjoy a dynamic, adaptive digital tool
  • Publish to your system (SCORM, XAPI, HTML5)
  • Publish to the Koantic LMS Cloud and enjoy peace of mind

Value the metrics

  • Stay organized with scheduled training
  • Keep your team organized with updates and notifications
  • See results with data and analytics

Easy to use Course Editor


Use a familiar free-form editor that feels just like your favorite desktop based slide editor. Everything takes place in one window and all features are easily accessible at all the time giving you a true "what you see is what you get" experience.

Copy and Paste

Easily import your text and images by simply copy pasting content directly on slides.

Branching Tool

Branching scenarios can be designed with the simplicity of drag and drop and easily incorporated into course content using the built-in visual branching editor.

Animated slides

Create interactive slide-based courses with the ease of drag and drop. Synchronize custom interactions with audio or video.


Choose from hotspots, tooltips, text boxes (or circles), customizable buttons, several interactive questions, chapters and bookmarks. Configure your interactions with the different event type to make the content behave the way you want to.

Responsive & Mobile Ready

Content and Content Player adapts automatically to the different screen sizes to ensure a mobile-friendly experience out of the box. You can preview your courses in the most typical screen sizes directly from the course editor.


Graded Quizzes

Knowledge check your learners by building quiz lesson. Configure passing score, feedbacks and retries.

Question Templates

Get started by picking examples of free-form questions from a variety of questions templates.

Question Interactions

Layer questions on top of your slides and videos to knowledge check your learners just in time. Choose from 9 different question types and design the quiz logic your business requires.

Drag and Drop Free-Form Question

Drag one or many items to a drop zone. Add shapes, images, icons and textboxes in your knowledge check question.

Pick one or Pick Many Free-Form Question

Create your own styling for multiple choice question (one answer or many answers). You can use this to do a hotspot like knowledge check.

Fill in the Blanks Free-Form Question

Build your fill the the blank questions the way you want to. No limitation on your creativity.

Interactive Video

Interactive Video Maker

Create interactive video experiences with the ease of drag and drop. Simply upload a video or insert a link to your external video hosting. Record screencasts directly from your browser.

Video Editor

Easy to use video editor that let you trim and clip your videos while automatically optimizing your videos for all devices (MP4 format).

Video Subtitles

Subtitles can be automatically generated using Speech-to-text AI. You can also upload your subtitles files or manually enter subtitles yourself using the editor.

Branding and Theming

Customizable Themes

Design a course player that fits with your brand. Adjust its colors and design and choose the position of its table of contents and navigation buttons.

Template Library

Koantic’s growing Template Library helps you get started even quicker. Templates can easily be customized and reused throughout your courses.

Built-in Asset Library

Koantic provides built-in access to hundreds of free professional photos and a library of stylish icons, cutting down your content creation costs along the way.

Team Authoring

Manage Your Projects

Stay organized by viewing only the projects you are working on. Use our category feature to classify your courses by topics.

Team Management

Assign roles to team-members with different permission levels, limiting their access to certain functions.
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Workspaces are subsets of content creators who collaborate on courses with each other. Each workspace has its members, courses, and library of assets which enables you to create teams where content creators, designers, and reviewers work together in an isolated environment.

Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate with team-members seamlessly in real-time. See changes as they occur while communicating effectively within the Koantic app.

Content Library

Koantic’s Content Library ensures that all of your media (videos, images, audio, etc.) is organized and easily accessible. You’ll also find a list of all your questions, pages and PDFs.

Reuse Pages & Content

Quizzes, pages, animated slides, fonts and text box styles can be reused with just a few clicks — saving you a lot of time during content creation.

Publishing & Hosting

Publish in all formats

SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, XAPI, Stand Alone (html5)

Publish to Koantic LMS Cloud

Schedule training, notify learners and analyze results
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Import External Scorm Courses

Already have content built with another content authoring tool? Not a problem, you can upload, host and track your existing Scorm Courses in the Koantic LMS Cloud.

There's an easy way to create, publish and track
your online training resources.

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