There has never been a better time to harness the power of video. Koantic lets you create stunning interactive video-based courses without any programming or technical skills needed. Choose from our growing number of interactions that include customizable shapes, hotspots, images, and bookmarks. Engage your learners to the next level by adding interactive quizzes.

Creating learning videos has never been easier

External Video Streaming Provide Support

Our goal is to allow you to get your videos in Koantic wherever they come from. In that regard, we support for Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove and Libcast streaming providers.

Subtitles & Closed Captioning

Subtitles or closed captions can now be added to a video using our new captioning tool. Subtitles can be added in three different ways; using our cloud speech-to-text tool, uploading an .srt file or by manually adding them within our tool. Once in Koantic, subtitles can easily be edited. To learn more about this feature and how to use it, check out our recent post on adding subtitles to videos

adding subtitles to video

Record your screen with new Chrome extension

Our new screen recording extension lets you record the contents of your screen with a few clicks. Once your recording is ready, you can trim/clip it to your liking and add all the interactions you desire.

Record video from our mobile app

Our intuitive mobile app lets you record videos from your iOS or Android smartphone. From there it can be transferred through the cloud to your Koantic Content Library where it’s ready for editing. 

Koantic eLearning mobile app

Create inspiring content with ease

Our simple web-based tool lets you create interactive content without ever having to change windows. With everything hosted on the cloud, you can access your content from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Animated Slide Page

Create a slide-based course or presentation with our new Animated Slide page. Enhance it with interactions and audio using our intuitive timeline.

Video Page

Insert an interactive video into your course by adding a Video Page. Videos can be trimmed, clipped and enhanced with a variety of fun interactions.

Use an existing page

Copy or reuse an existing page for greater efficiency in content creation. Modifications to the page can apply to all existing courses containing that page or exclusively to your new course.

Branching page

This feature allows you to easily create branching scenarios and incorporate them into your eLearning courses. And of course, it’s drag and drop.

No more headaches during content creation

Responsive & Mobile-Ready
Your courses automatically adapt to the screen size they're being viewed on. Preview your work on all major devices.
Reuse Items From Library
No more reinventing the wheel. Elements you upload or create get saved to your library for easy access later on.
Preview Your Work as You go
Your workspace is your final product so you won't see any unexpected surprises after hitting publish.


Our visual quiz builder lets you create engaging quizzes that help test your learners knowledge acquisition along the way. Results can be tracked in your LMS or with xAPI based on your desired grading logic.

design quizzes with the ease of drag & drop

Create your own quiz logic
Choose how and when you want quizzes to be graded. Turn feedback, progress and scores on or off based on your business rules.
Reuse questions from library
Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. Quiz elements get saved to your Content Library for easy access later on.
Insert into pages and videos
Engage your learners to the fullest by inserting questions or pop quizzes in your video or non-video course.

Choose from our library of question types

Multiple Choice
True or False


Our collaboration features ensure that collaborating amongst team members is a seamless experience.

Collaborate in real-time

With real-time collaboration, you can collaborate in a live setting whenever and wherever.

Assign roles to users

Assign roles with permission options that limit or restrict access to certain courses, features or pages.

Track activities & tasks

Keep track of work in progress and tasks assigned for more efficient team work.

Leave comments, tag users & pages

Avoid miscommunications by leaving comments and tagging collaborators and specific pages in a course.


Creating branded eLearning courses is easy with Koantic. Simply add your logo, choose your corporate colors and you’re all set.


Pre-made Templates
Choose from our library of stunning pre-made templates. Easily customize them to fit your brand.
Rich Authoring Environment
Use our simple WYSIWYG HTML editor to flesh out and customize your content as you see fit.
Preview As You Go
No more unexpected surprises. Preview your work in its final state on all screen sizes as you go.


Koantic comes packed with all you need to keep up to date with the latest eLearning publishing standards.

Experience API / Tin Can

SCORM 1.2 AND 2004


Koantic Cloud

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