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01 Dec: Koantic 1.2 Release Notes

Brace yourselves, Koantic 1.2 is here! This update includes lots of cool features we’ve been working hard on developing for the past few months. With every update to our application, eLearning content creation gets more and more simplified. Watch the video below for a preview of the new features we’ve added: Click the image below…


10 Nov: Exciting features to be unveiled at DevLearn 2016

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing some cool new features at DevLearn this year. As some of you may already know, we’ve been doing our best to eliminate the complications involved in traditional eLearning video creation with the launch of Koantic, a video-based eLearning authoring tool. Creating engaging eLearning videos should…


27 Oct: How to shoot an eLearning video from your smartphone

Companies tend to avoid producing video-based eLearning courses due to the expensive equipment, time and technical savviness that they believe is required. With current technologies, however, quality video courses can be created efficiently and effectively at a fraction of the perceived cost by using your smartphone’s camera. Instead of avoiding the creation of video-based eLearning…


25 Oct: Adapting eLearning practices to the evolving industry

The shift from basic html courses to multimedia-rich & mobile elearning Throughout the course of the past decades, the e-learning industry has taken a dramatic shift. With the introduction of the first learning management system (LMS) in the 90s, elearning courses were simple, HTML-based, and lacked the responsiveness and interactivity we see today. Online learning…

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