Lower your training costs by implementing User Generated Content

In this article, we are not covering the whole learning spectrum but we are focusing on some specific current challenges that organizations are facing today regarding the creation and delivery of online content.

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HR teams often have limited resources

Lots of the content we need cannot be bought off the shelf. In many cases, many of the tasks we do are specific to our organizations and linked to our competitive advantage. Also, the fast change of pace is pushing organizations to create content at a more rapid pace to meet their business goals. The current path has been to build standard eLearning courses which usually cost $10,000 per one hour of online training to develop and take months to complete. This path is not sustainable when content needs to be churned out faster to meet business goals. It is sometimes what we need, but it’s not the best fit all the time.
Gartner states, “Learning and development (L&D) and HR teams often have limited resources to create and distribute learning materials.”

User-Generated Content can help your organizations

This is where User Generated Content can help your organizations achieves its objectives. User-Generated Content is content generated by employees proficient in their work. They will create content in their areas of expertise and then it gets developed as eLearning courses. User-Generated Content is best delivered in small-sized modules that can be followed by learners at their convenience, on the device of their choice.
According to Gartner, “By 2018, more than 80 percent of organizations will leverage user-generated content as a part of their corporate learning strategy.” (Source: Predicts 2016: HCM Applications Transform to Support the Emerging Digital Workplace by Ron Hanscome, Jeff Freyermuth, Yvette Cameron and Helen Poitevin. This content is available for Gartner clients).

Capture employee knowledge

Leveraging user-generated content to capture employee knowledge can improve the relevancy of learning content throughout the organization. It can help increase engagement and productivity by providing tools to let employees create the content themselves and allowing them to share their knowledge with their peers. Lots of learning happens in the flow of work, and UGC will help deliver the content needed to those who need it at the moment they need it.

Provide tools that are easy to use

One way to achieve this is by providing tools that are easy to use, can be used by subject matter experts, designers, integrators and instructional designers. To make all this possible, the solution should be cloud-based, provides collaboration and high level of design and interaction options to make the content engaging.

Today, it’s very inexpensive to create decent quality videos using your smartphone. You just need to buy a few accessories (microphone, stabilizer, lighting) to make magic happen. Well, it won’t be Disney, but you get the idea 🙂

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