Koantic 5.1 Release Notes

We improved the way you manage your projects, simplify the quiz rules and provide more detailed tracking in our hosting solution.

Project Categories

As our customers keep adding more projects, we added a way to better organize everything. With the addition of this new feature, you can now create project categories that can be used to organize your projects but also to organize the library of assets.

To create a new category, click on the drop-down menu on top of the project list and click the new category button located at the bottom of the menu.

To move projects to a category, just select which project you want to move to a category by clicking the checkbox at the left of each project. You will notice a drop-down menu appearing at the right of the search box. Click on the drop-down and then select the category you want to move your projects too.

Categories work like folders and you can classify a project in only one category.

Quiz Changes

To make Koantic even simpler to use, we changed how a content creator can manage courses that contain graded quizzes. In previous versions, when you wanted to grade a course, you had to configure rules in the project settings as well as in the quiz settings.

You can now configure everything in the quiz settings. If you want to create a graded quiz, just create a quiz, and in the quiz settings toggle the enable scoring and the Include in project result options.

Don’t worry about your current courses set up, we got you covered. All your current projects have been migrated to this new configuration which will make your life easier.

As part of our goal to always improve the mobile experience, we added some improvements to the question summary. It is now accessible in a convenient drop-down at the top of the page instead of the bottom.

Slide questions tracking

We added tracking and reporting in Koantic Hosting for questions (knowledge checks) that you insert in slides and videos.
To view the information in our cloud analytics solution, either keep the title of your question as it stands or goes on the right panel and insert your own code in the question identifier field. This is the information that you will see in the report as seen below.

Any particular features or improvements you’d like to see in Koantic 5.2? Let us know!


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