Koantic 5.0 Release Notes

Koantic has gotten even simpler to use with this new release

UI and UX improvements

We know that you expect your content authoring tool to be as easy and beautiful to use as your authoring projects can be. With our new release, we made it simpler for our users to keep their focus on their content and by removing all unnecessary noise from the user interface.

New Add Page dialog

In previous versions, adding a page used to be a two steps process. First you were asked to add a page and finally, you needed to decide what type of content you want to insert into the page. The process is not more streamlined as you will have direct access to the page models and the different content types directly from the new add page dialog.

You can now see within the same screen all the page creation options that Koantic has to offer.

New Page Dialog

Reorganization Settings

All configurations settings used to be located in the contextual right panel. The settings were a mix of project specific settings, page-specific settings, and content specific settings.

Project and Page specific settings have been moved in the top header of the Koantic Editor while content specific settings remain in the right configuration panel.

New Header Menus

Question Interaction Retries

This feature has been asked a few times by Koantic users and it’s now available to use. Newly created question interactions will have this option enabled by default. You can choose to force retries until the learner responds correctly to the question or have a specific number of retries.

Koantic Everywhere – Export to CSV

You can download your enrollments tracking data in a CSV format directly from the Koantic reporting section. Choose your filters based on projects you want to see, dates and enrollment groups. Then click the “Export to CSV” button, and you will get your data in a standard CSV format to create your own reports.

Any particular features or improvements you’d like to see in Koantic 5.1? Let us know!


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