Koantic 4.6 Release Notes

Here’s what we added in this new release of Koantic:

Quiz UI and Mobile Improvements

We live in a mobile world, and Koantic keeps tweaking and improving its product to make it even more mobile friendly. Also, we did speed up and simplified the creation of questions in quizzes.

Mobile UI improvements for eLearning quiz

Quiz Retries

A welcoming new addition to our quiz settings, the ability to set quiz retries limits. You can set it from no retry to unlimited possibilities for the learner to retry and pass the quiz.

Slide and Video Interactions Duration Changes

In this new release, we are introducing a change in behavior in the way we configure an interaction start time and duration.

To configure when and for how much time an interaction is displayed, the content creator would define the interaction start time and duration in the right configuration panel. A new option is now available that let the content creator specify directly the finish time of its interaction which avoids calculating the number of seconds an interaction will last.

To make it even easier, we changed the default behavior of adding an interaction on a slide or video. Interaction types (text, circle, icons, images, variables) are set to continue playing until the end. Buttons are set to a pause behavior when added. With the addition of this new behavior (until the end), you won’t have to change the duration if for some reason you need to add time to your slide because of an audio change that would make the slide last longer.

Interaction duration
Interaction Timeline duration time and new until end of the slide feature

KOANTIC EVERYWHERE – Secure or Unsecure Groups

From now on, you can opt to deploy courses to users by forcing a login to access training or by launching a course without requiring a login to the portal. This new option is set up in the Enrollment Groups tab. In the list of groups, you can see which ones are secure or not secure by looking at the icon on the right of the group name. If the lock icon is red and open, it means that users that belong to this group won’t have to login to access training.

As a general rule, if a user belongs to a secure and an insecure group, the secure group will prevail and he will have to login to the portal to access training.

Create secure and insecure groups

KOANTIC EVERYWHERE – Create Learning Paths

Until now, enrollment to courses was done by selecting a group of users and one or many individual courses. To make it easier to batch enroll learners to courses, we added a feature to group them. Introducing Learning Paths, a new way in Koantic to create a complete learning program. It allows you to create modules, associate courses to a module and then enroll learners to the Learning Path.
Upon enrollment, the learner will receive an email and a link to access the Learning Path. In the portal, the learner will view the Learning Path detail, select the course he has to take and launch it.

For the administrators, they will be able to visualize the learner’s journey and check the progress of each Learning Path as a whole and drilldown to view each course individually.


Learning Path

Any particular features or improvements you’d like to see in Koantic 4.7? Let us know!


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