Koantic 4.4 Release Notes

For this release, Koantic has made a big push to improve its hosting solution. Here’s what’s new:

Published Projects

Publish your projects to the Koantic cloud, and start enrolling learners. Choose the project in your list of published projects, click on it and then choose if you want it public or private.

Manage your Learners

Create your users manually, or batch uploads them using a CSV file. Assign them to a group and enroll them in training.

Schedule Training

Use our scheduler to plan your training of time, or enroll learners now. Plan it by choosing a group(s), course(s) and choose your date.

Brand your Portal

Define your organization’s identity by adding your logo and your color schemes.

Improved Dashboard

New dashboard metric that will allow you to evaluate your training engagement. Track all registrations, users in progress, completed, passed or failed.

Drilldown Reports

View drill-down details in our reports section. View all pages that are visited, click on a quiz and view all questions and how the learner has responded to each of them.

Any particular features or improvements you’d like to see in Koantic 4.5? Let us know!


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