Integrate your Brightcove streaming videos in Koantic

Most authoring tools only allow basic video integration in their application. Koantic aims to change this by being the easiest solution for capturing videos using our mobile app, importing your videos in any format, and converting them into an MP4 format. In this new release, we are adding more ways to connect to different external streaming video providers like Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Libcast, etc…

Before you start

Create your Brightcove account and load your videos into their platform by going to Brightcove and click either signin or create a free trial.

Integrate your Brightcove streaming videos in Koantic

In this example, we will show you how to embed a Brightcove video in Koantic by following these simple steps:

Part 1 done in Brightcove:
Once you have your Brightcove account setup, you will need to configure your video web player to remove any Brightcove chrome.
The first step is to create a new Player by choosing this option.

Choose the Players option at the bottom.

Configure your web player to strip it down of any Brightcove elements.

Copy this URL for now. We describe the rest in part 2 which is done in Koantic.

Part 2 done in Koantic:
1. Add a page to your project
2. Choose the Video option (a popup will open)
3. Click on the second tab on top (option External Streaming Provider)
4. In the dropdown list that starts with Youtube, choose Brightcove and enter your Brightcove URL

What are the key benefits of Koantic’s video streaming providers integration?

In today’s world, we strive for simplicity without wanting to compromise on the depth of functionality. Koantic let its customers choose the streaming video solution that fits their needs and allows them to add Koantic video interactions on top of them. Today you can already use Koantic cloud-based video conversion services to transform and compress just about any kind of video to an MP4 format which can be played on any devices.
Adding videos to your courses has never been easier!

Are there any other video streaming product integration you’d like to see in the next Koantic update? Let us know!

We invite you to give this new feature a try the next time you’re creating a course. If you haven’t tried Koantic yet, give it a try completely free.

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