How to Successfully Deploy your Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Solution.

Are you faced with challenges when it comes to training your employees? Are you struggling to keep them motivated with engaging learning content they’ll adhere to? Koantic’s eLearning authoring tool, an application for all of your interactive learning needs, helps you tackle these tasks according to industry best practices! Here’s how:

Key Training Challenges Organizations Need to Overcome
All organizations must at a time or another compose with various challenges in their training processes:

Turnover rates which vary by industry;
– Periods of rapid growth with lots of new hires;
– Employees moving on to retirement;
– Candidates from a new technology-savy generation;
Shortening time to train or onboard recruits as well as assemble and deploy content;
Gaps in learning and lack of work environment knowledge;
Dispersed workforce and hard-to-reach employees;
– Expensive on-demand training when turning to outside consultants.

What is the Current Situation in Business-Environment Training?
Most organizations are still using the good old PowerPoint (PPT) presentations to dispense training. It’s easy and employees are familiar with it. Unfortunately, PowerPoint just doesn’t cut it, as there are multiple drawbacks in a learning environment:

– Documents are not easily sharable.
– Slides exhibit low interactivity levels.
– Quizzes can’t be integrated unless you use a third-party tool (which means more things to install and wait for IT approval to arrive).
– Trackings of evolution and results aren’t available.
– Content is often too simplistic for learning effectiveness

A Bersin study confirms that employees have only 24 minutes per week for learning on average. Microlearning in increments of 2 to 7 minutes is, therefore, best suited for these types of situations. Its advantages are multiple:

– Boosts the retention of information;
– Helps isolate concepts into smaller subjects;
– Minimizes the time required.

What Kind of eLearning Authoring Tool are Clients Searching For?
When browsing the Web and analyzing training solutions, clients today are looking for these key elements and functionalities that you may be coveting for your business:

– Multiple templates out of the box adaptable to corporate branding colors;
– Ability to create new and reusable templates;
– Web-based authoring tool;
– Shareable content across all authorized authors;
– Publishing control and changeable content management process and roles;
– Multiple types of questions;
– Branching tool;
– Built-in tools to enable video creation and editing
– Proficient integration of user-generated content to help lower training costs.

Why Choose Koantic’s Application?
Multiple reasons lead our clients to choose Koantic as their eLearning authoring tool. Here are some of our key features:

Easy to use yet powerful – A combination of LCMS and authoring tool capabilities.
Highly interactive – Branching, quizzes, and interactions in videos or slides.
Cloud-based – On-the-go access all over the world.
Monitoring – Proficient tracking.
Multi-device compatibility.

During the deployment of the Koantic solution within a client organization, the following steps, also best practices within the industry, ensure your team benefits from all of Koantic’s strategic and differentiating advantages. Here is the model deployment process that is followed:

Creating Uniformity
A consistent design and styling, of course, and page templates as well as their coherence with company branding reinforces the image internally and helps training employees get started faster by having access to lots of branded templates right from the start.

Managing Expectations
When you decide on user-generated content, staff expectations need to first be managed, as employees might have grown accustomed to viewing content built by learning experts with graphical resources.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities
From content creators to designers, publishers and administrators, our process is established to make sure there is a control on the content that is to be published and shared within the organization.

Ensuring a Timely Implementation
We provide each new content creator with 30 minutes of training and make sure the deployment is led step by step to guarantee a smooth flow within the company.

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