Create PowerPoint like themes in Koantic

In our 4.0 release, we made it very easy for customers to integrate their organizations branded colors. The way we implemented it is very similar to PowerPoint and Articulate.

Before you start

Make sure you identify with your design or marketing department what are the organization’s approved colors. Then have it provided to you in an RGB or Hexadecimal code.

Choose your course and go to the theme section

To integrate your organization branded colors, you need to select a project theme, click on the ellipsis and choose edit or duplicate.

Once in this section, select the color menu link and you will see a list of colors associated with this theme. You can override them one by one to link them to your own branded colors. All of the Koantic pre-built themes have been calibrated with our page and interaction appearance templates to make it a breeze to have them adapted to your brand in a matter of minutes.
Once it is done, you will be able to choose from them anywhere we have a color picker. The color picker offers 8 variants of each of your main colors.

Here is how to use them:

Text / Background 1 and 2: These make text easily readable when applied to shapes with a background. As an example, the darker text is designed to be easily read when placed in lighter-colored shapes.
Accents 1: This should be your default color fill for backgrounds in interactions.
Accents 2 – 6: Other colors to choose from for secondary shapes in your content.

What are the key benefits of Koantic’s new theme feature?

Koantic’s new Theme feature allows our customers to implement their branded colors in a matter of minutes and have all of our page templates automatically adapt to your changes. In today’s world, we want to create beautifully designed and interactive courses in an application that is easy to use and can be done in record time. You can have this today with Koantic!

Are there any other design items you’d like to see in the next Koantic update? Let us know!

We invite you to give this new feature a try the next time you’re creating a course. If you haven’t tried Koantic yet, give it a try completely free.

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