How Koantic’s new copy pasting feature saves you time in content creation

While Koantic is amongst the easiest eLearning authoring tools on the market, adding new content to a project still involves a few steps. To be specific, adding an image to a page involves five clicks and adding a text box to a page involves just three. When copying content from a preexisting file into a course, these clicks can add up.

That’s why we recently released copy pasting functionality that lets you copy content from anywhere and paste it into Koantic. To make things even easier, you can copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts you’re already familiar with. As a quick reminder:

To copy paste on a MAC/iOS:

Copy: command + c
Paste: command + v

To copy paste on a PC/Windows:

Copy: CTRL + c
Paste: CTRL + v

Images can be copy pasted from PowerPoint presentations, text documents, web pages, emails and even folders on your computer. Text can be copy pasted from virtually any file or webpage.

Once your content is pasted into your Koantic workspace, the appropriate interaction (text box or image) will automatically be created. From there on you can format and style it to your liking. When copy pasting pieces of text, Koantic will maintain any line breaks that existed in the original location.

What are the key benefits of Koantic’s new copy pasting feature?

Koantic’s new copy pasting feature really speeds up the process of content creation. Whether you’re creating your course with reference to a storyboard, PowerPoint or Google Doc, you’ll most likely need to copy paste something at some point. When creating a 60-slide course, copy pasting will save you hundreds of tedious clicks.

Copy pasting also makes Koantic even more intuitive to use. As regular computer users, keyboard shortcuts are embedded into our habits. It can be frustrating when a shortcut fails you and you must work around it. With Koantic you can work efficiently using the keyboard shortcuts you’re accustomed to.

Are there any other keyboard shortcuts you’d like to see in the next Koantic update? Let us know!

We invite you to give this new feature a try the next time you’re creating a course. If you haven’t tried Koantic yet, give it a try completely free.

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