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In today’s world’s, it would be much simpler to work in a cloud-based tool where we can storyboard, create content, add interactive videos and have reviewers provide feedback.
Koantic offers lots of tools to bring over your PowerPoint presentations, make them more interactive and engaging using our cloud-based authoring tool. In this post, I will show in a few steps the best practices on how to start bringing over your PowerPoint presentations.

Before you start

Either select an existing project or create a new one from scratch.

Create your course and go to the theming section

On the top right of the navigation section, you have a drop-down menu with the header (Project). Click on it and select Theming.
In the theming section, you can also set a default image and color when you add new slides to your projects. It’s similar to a Master Slide in PowerPoint. Click on the link Slide to define your background. You can always override your default setting in each slide you add to your project.

The first step is detailed in the following blog post: Create PowerPoint like themes in Koantic

Create reusable slides

Start by adding a new page and select Slide. A popup menu will open and then select Blank to start from scratch.
If you have set a default background, you will see it will be displayed on your slide. You can change it by clicking on the icon Background in the right panel.

Did you know that you can copy existing pages from this project or other projects?
When you add a new page to your project, choose the (…) beside the add page button, and choose the option Use Existing Page. From there, you have two options once you have selected the project you want to start from. Either Copy or Reuse.

Copy and paste from PowerPoint

Koantic has an easy way to transfer content from other programs like Microsoft Office to Koantic.
This step is detailed in the following blog post: Copy and Paste from Microsoft Office or from another web page.

Add audio to your slide

Bring your slides to the next level by adding audio to synchronize interactions on the timeline.
Get started by clicking on the Settings tab located in the right panel. Click on the Audio button to get going!
This feature works in Chrome, Edge, Firefox.
You have three options once you are in the add audio popup. You can record yourself directly using your laptop microphone, upload an audio file in any of the major format and Koantic will transcode it to an MP3 format or reuse an existing audio file from the library.
Once you have inserted the audio in your slide, you can add interactions at any point and time and have them appear or disappear based on your requirements.

audio recording

Export to SCORM or use Koantic Everywhere

If you want an easy way to publish and track your content at a fraction of the cost of an LMS, click on the link below.
More details about our Koantic Everywhere hosting solution.

What are the key benefits of Koantic’s creating your projects directly in Koantic?

Koantic’s PowerPoint conversion features allow our customers to port their content from PowerPoint to Koantic efficiently and use Koantic interactive features to bring your presentations to the next level.
In today’s world, we want to create beautifully designed and interactive courses in an application that is easy to use and done in record time. You can have this today with Koantic!

Are there any other features you’d like to see in the next Koantic update? Let us know!

We invite you to give this new feature a try the next time you’re creating a course. If you haven’t tried Koantic yet, give it a try completely free.

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