Things to consider when choosing your next LMS and eLearning Authoring provider

Organizations are moving to the consumerization of learning, and most LMS have not lived up the expectations around micro-learning, gamification, video and social. The LMS features focus is much more on the management of learning than on providing an excellent learning experience.
LMS providers are not the only guilty party here. The tendency, when shopping for a new LMS, is to future-proof the organization needs and buy a learning platform that has lots of features but that is hard to implement and manage.
Adopting an Agile Methodology (see Bersin) helps to plan for what is needed now, get fast feedback from users and adjust the configuration and tools required along the way.
In short, the goal is to focus on immediate business needs and not on what the future might hold.

In many verticals, like healthcare, finance, and aerospace to name a few, a feature-rich LMS is needed because of all the regulatory compliance requirements. Also, organizations spread out in multiple locations and countries may need more advanced features to comply with local laws, to support multiple languages and to be able to break down employees data and training by branches and departments.

Big LMS providers like Saba, Success Factors, Litmos, Docebo are geared toward organizations facing these challenges and many have successfully implemented these solutions.

Organizations are spending tons of efforts choosing an LMS, implementing it, training employees on how to use it. Most of the time when the light is turned on the LMS only has content of an inferior quality that is often not liked by employees. Having a budget left for quality content, or helping employees produce content themselves should be at the forefront of the discussion. See this eLearning Industry blog post
Without good quality content, the organization will face engagement challenges.

Here are some findings from the Bersin report “The LMS Market, is it dead or alive?”
Based on the Bersin report:

    Only 1% of the workweek is allocated for employees to learn.
    37% of the workforce is expected to be mobile
    Empower user and as they want opportunities to learn
    75% of the workforce will be millennials by 2025

The report tells us that training needs to be efficient, shorter, engaging and accessible anywhere and on any devices.

When to use an LMS

    Managing complex training workflows
    Connecting with your HR System of record
    Integrating with lots of external content providers
    Tracking classroom-based training and virtual classroom
    Extensive reporting and powerful notifications
    Tracking compliance
    Ecommerce requirements


    Usually a long and costly implementation cycle
    Most are hard to use
    Weak authoring tool

When to use Koantic

    Almost no training required
    Fast to implement training for an outside workforce
    Lots of tools to produce video-based learning
    Can embed your courses wherever you want (eg: Sharepoint)
    Launch and track courses from an email
    It can be part of your learning strategy and use in conjunction with your current LMS
    Easier reports to setup, export them to your Organizations Analytics platform for in-depth reporting
    Powerful authoring tool
    LTI Integration


    It’s made for simpler needs than what a typical LMS provide
    Tracks only XAPI Koantic content for now
    No support for virtual classroom or classroom based learning
    No social learning tools

Wouldn’t you like to embed your content wherever you want to without having to set up an external system? Koantic provides a way to export your content using our hosting cloud solution and embed that link wherever you want. Our goal is to allow organizations to provide learning in applications where it matters most. Either in your intranet, website or any other system, you are using. By using XAPI to track content, Koantic collects information on your learner progress and makes it easy to export that data in a standard format that can be aggregated into your current reporting/analytics solution of choice.

We invite you to give this new feature a try the next time you’re creating a course. If you haven’t tried Koantic yet, give it a try completely free.

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