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04 Dec: Koantic 5.1 Release Notes

Koantic 5.1 Release Notes We improved the way you manage your projects, simplify the quiz rules and provide more detailed tracking in our hosting solution. Project Categories As our customers keep adding more projects, we added a way to better organize everything. With the addition of this new feature, you can now create project categories…


21 Nov: Best Practices and Phases for a Successful Development

How to Successfully Deploy your Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Solution. Are you faced with challenges when it comes to training your employees? Are you struggling to keep them motivated with engaging learning content they’ll adhere to? Koantic’s eLearning authoring tool, an application for all of your interactive learning needs, helps you tackle these tasks according to…


07 Nov: Koantic 5.0 Release Notes

Koantic 5.0 Release Notes Koantic has gotten even simpler to use with this new release UI and UX improvements We know that you expect your content authoring tool to be as easy and beautiful to use as your authoring projects can be. With our new release, we made it simpler for our users to keep…


22 Oct: Koantic 4.6 Release Notes

Koantic 4.6 Release Notes Here’s what we added in this new release of Koantic: Quiz UI and Mobile Improvements We live in a mobile world, and Koantic keeps tweaking and improving its product to make it even more mobile friendly. Also, we did speed up and simplified the creation of questions in quizzes. Quiz Retries…


10 Sep: Koantic 4.5 Release Notes

Koantic 4.5 Release Notes Here’s what we added in this new release of Koantic: Create your Own Slide Models Koantic provides more than 15 slide templates to choose from when you start building courses. With the new release, you can add your models in the Choose Template dialog box when creating a new slide. Only…


31 Jul: Things to consider when choosing your next LMS

Things to consider when choosing your next LMS and eLearning Authoring provider Organizations are moving to the consumerization of learning, and most LMS have not lived up the expectations around micro-learning, gamification, video and social. The LMS features focus is much more on the management of learning than on providing an excellent learning experience. LMS…


24 Jul: Koantic 4.4 Release Notes

Koantic 4.4 Release Notes For this release, Koantic has made a big push to improve its hosting solution. Here’s what’s new: Published Projects Publish your projects to the Koantic cloud, and start enrolling learners. Choose the project in your list of published projects, click on it and then choose if you want it public or…


31 May: Changes in Chrome 66 video autoplay

Changes in Google Chrome 66 video autoplay feature Our world is changing fast and Google has decided to modify the behavior of videos in its browser. Due to this change and hearing about the other browsers (Safari, Firefox etc…) wanting to follow in Google footsteps, we decided to unify how videos will auto-play across all…

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