We are a passionate, experienced team of product and customer satisfaction geeks.

With nearly 30 years of collective experience under our belts, our team has been building learning products since 1999 and has been consistently driven by a passion for great tools that simply work.

From humble beginnings developing a basic LCMS, we quickly responded to strong market demand by building and integrating full blown LMS, competency and compliance modules, only to find that technology had not yet fully evolved to a place where we could truly create the tool we all had in mind.


We’re back at the drawing table and heading back to our roots by leveraging the incredible technology now available to us in order to propel online learning into the future. We’re bridging the divide between the old world and the new one by moving content from the desktop to the cloud, by transforming static content into engaging video learning, by encouraging user­-generated and collaborative content creation and by developing a single tool that allows you to create, edit and share content across all platforms and devices.

Our mission

To make interactive video production more accessible to eLearning content creators.

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