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Create engaging interactive experiences

Koantic lets you create highly interactive content from a web browser with drag and drop. With everything you need available to you in one robust tool, creating interactive content has never been easier.

Easily design non-linear experiences

Take audience engagement to the next level with scenario-based content. Our drag and drop branching tool provides a simple way to incorporate scenarios into your content, without any technical stuff involved.

Create storyboards with our drag & drop slides

From storyboarding to interactive slide-based content, our Animated Slides are an easy way to create visually stimulating content. Easily add background audio, synched interactions and motion from our library of animations.

Publish to the cloud & track data with Koantic Everywhere

With Koantic Everywhere, content can be published anywhere and everywhere with a simple embed code. Once your content is published, easily measure audience engagement with our built-in xAP analytics dashboard.

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Gamify with Interactions

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